We are SpringTree: two software engineers that decided to cut out the middle men. Our customers ideas and challenges became distorted by the time they reached our drawing board so we decided it was time for a change. Between us we have almost 30 years of experience as software architects working in both small and very large organizations. With SpringTree we can now unleash all our potential tempered with the experience of various successful projects at some major players in the Netherlands.

What we do

Who wouldn't want to solve puzzles for a living? Puzzles of technology versus requirements and puzzles of time and effort. We love a good challenge.

Our biggest kick however comes from finding simple and elegant solutions to complicated challenges. Creating order where most would only see chaos. We live in a turbulent time technology wise and keeping up with all the changes is part of the fun to us. Our surfboard is riding the wave of all things web and mobile.

Mobile is here. A new channel has emerged where you want your business, services or voice to be heard. Our software development approach aims to reuse as much as possible between traditional browser solutions and the new mobile space. Even the server side of things shares in the re-usability. We leverage the power of emerging mobile devices and the latest web browsers while still supporting the tried and tested software of today. When it comes to mobile we believe the best apps are those that are focused and simple to use.

We live in a world of poly-fills, frameworks, isomorphic code, responsive design and progressive enhancements. All these things might seem like alien technology to you but that shouldn't be a problem. When someone builds a house for you it doesn’t matter how the mortar is mixed or how much is applied and where. You only need to know the purpose of the mortar and be confident in the builders ability to apply it. We can explain the purpose of all those pieces of alien technology because we have successfully applied them before. We firmly believe in using the proper tool for the proper job. Technology (like people) also has its failing and short comings. We don’t sugar-coat those as we believe in clarity and honesty when it comes to limitations. Like the SpringTree we prefer to be firmly rooted in Terra firma.

Lets talk

The problems and challenges you face as a business might be similar to what others are going through. Your business and the way you practice it however is unique to who you are and the same applies to us. Ideally IT solutions should shape themselves to your business not the other way around. In practice some middle ground must be reached favoring the business side of things. The only way to reach middle ground is to have a good discussion and therefor we would love to talk with you and exchange ideas. Over the years we have noticed that by pooling our customers ideas with our own creates the best results. Often times resulting in smaller and more successful projects then bigger prestige projects.

The developers at SpringTree are all (Appcelerator) Titanium certified developers. This allows us to deliver on-time, best-of-breed applications across mobile platforms to maximize your project's success.



Where software grows

Applications are changing. Mobile is the latest tree to arrive and it's taking the forest in exciting and new directions. We at SpringTree focus on mobile but don't neglect the role it has in the grander scheme of things. We believe your software strategy should embrace mobile and be used to add to your existing business and IT. We can build your Apps and the software behind it if needed or integrate with your existing systems.


All things web & mobile

The Internet is having a tremendous influence on our daily lives. SmartPhones and Apps are the talk of the day. We leverage the power of industry and emerging standards to bring your App to all platforms simultaneously. Through our development approach we can deliver fast and reliable solutions that are future friendly.


In need of JavaScript ninjas?

We have mastered various programming languages but JavaScript is by far our favorite...for now. Like ninjas you need to be fluid like water in adapting new technologies. Jumping through hoops and for loops while dodging exceptions is just another day at the office for us.